Posted by: Jack Hope | Friday April 13, 2012

Sinking or Swimming?

Kitchen Status: Total Disaster

Sink or swim.  That’s where I am at.  I’ve changed my header picture to reflect my sink or swim status.  I can’t tell if this house is sinking slowly or rising slowly.  It looks like it could go either way.

Maybe I’ll be okay.  Maybe I’ll finally sink into the deep.

My new house, my new life is sinking down.

I think I might make it, I think I might not.  And if I don’t make it this time, will anything be saved?

Just have to keep breathing.  I’m not finished yet and I just have to hold onto that thought.



  1. Rather than thrashing around trying not to drown, perhaps it would be better to relax, lie on your back, and float around for a while (maybe quite a while)? Then perhaps you’ll eventually come to the shore and be in a new place to build a new house?

    Or perhaps someone (or several someones) will throw you a lifeline and gently pull you into the shore? Or maybe they’ll row out, rescue you from the water and take you off somewhere warm to dry out and keep you safe while you consider what to do next.

    I *think* that’s what your twitter friends may be attempting to do already? Not always easy though – it may need several attempts.

    Take care – Phil

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