Posted by: Jack Hope | Friday June 1, 2012

Next Steps

Kitchen Status: Still Clean (Thanks again Mom)

So after last week’s disastrous news about my prospects for getting treatment I’ve begun to try to tackle what I’m going to do about this. I’ve been in to see my regular Doctor and been trying to get help navigating the system. Thus far, I wish I could say that my efforts have yielded much in the way of results.

I’m not giving up though. There’s got to be something I can do. But if there isn’t, then I will find a way to get back home (Vancouver) and try to muddle through treatment there with less family support.  It’s not ideal but it beats the alternatives I think. And at least I would be back home. Right now, this place doesn’t feel all that welcoming at all.

I wish I could say the people I’ve dealt with here have been all that helpful but frankly, they haven’t been. I get lots of sympathy noises, lots of ‘I agree with you completely’ but no practical advice, no actual help that’s of any value whatsoever. I’d like to let it go that they’re just doing their jobs, but you know what, I get the feeling they would kick up more of a fuss if I was trying to get help for something else.  One person has actually suggested to me that I ‘let myself go acute’ and try to get in to the system via the emergency room.

Is it just me or does that seem like an incredibly irresponsible thing for a healthcare professional to suggest?


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