Posted by: Jack Hope | Saturday June 16, 2012

Update: Where to Next?

Kitchen Status: Everything’s in the Dishwasher

There’s been a lot happening for me over this last week, even if nothing much yet has happened.  It sounds contradictory, but it seems more as if things are starting to shift around and come together.  Nothing that’s had a direct impact yet though.

  • My purging of my remaining personal effects still stored at my parents’ house is nearly complete.  I’m feeling somewhat relieved both for my shrinking foot print but also because I needed to complete a project of some sort to help build up some confidence again.
  • The townhouse that has been such a financial burden to me and my parents is rented and the possibility of selling it has opened up, which if it happens would be a massive relief.
  • Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress moving up the nine month waiting list here in Alberta to get treatment, so I’m still stuck in medical limbo.  However, I have contacted my Doctor back in BC and he’s doing what he can to help me find an alternative, which may include going back to Vancouver.
  • In the event that a temporary or permanent return to Vancouver is in order in the near future, three of my friends, Andrew, Kevin and Charlotte have volunteered to help me if I go back, including coming with me to provide me with support.  I can’t even begin to say how much that means to me.  My friends in Vancouver have also been volunteering to do whatever they can to help me get back if that’s what will get me back on track medically.
  • My blog has had a record-breaking day, week and month over the last three days.  And we’re only half way through the month.  I’ve also had more ‘likes’ in this time period than any time before hand.  Obviously, my blog is nothing without a readership and once again I feel extremely grateful to you.
  • The On The Way Blog also shared this fantastic post that pre-dated mine but was very much in the same spirit:  Another great blog to check out on general principle too.
  • Needless to say, at the end of this week, I’m once again reminded that I have a lot to be grateful for.  And I have the place to myself for the weekend, so seems to be a pretty good end to a pretty good week.  First one in quite a while.

Now I am just left wondering: what’s going to happen next and where is all of this leading to?  If it’s leading anywhere?



  1. Thank you Jack 🙂 You certainly inspired me, and if you check the comments on my blog post you will see that that had a bit of a rolling effect and inspired others too 🙂

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