Posted by: Jack Hope | Friday June 22, 2012

I’m Going to Be Invincible

For my Friday Inspiration, I thought I’d share another piece of music off of my depression fighting playlist, this one by the Canadian band Hedley, called ‘Invincible.’ Perhaps wildly optimistic, but it also reminds me how much overcoming a major obstacle can give a person the impetus to take their life to a different level.  And that’s certainly what I need to do.

My old life just isn’t going to cut it anymore.  I can’t just be a corporate office drone or aspire to some house in the ‘burbs and a quiet life.  If I can beat depression I can take on anything.  I really believe that.  I have to believe that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep going.  My old life was not worth fighting for and I’ve come to realize that.

There’s something better, just waiting for me to find it.



  1. Whew, glad invincible was referring to a song. Thought you were going manic for a second there. 😛

    • I seem to be giving off ‘manic signs’ over the Internet lately! Maybe I should mention that to my psychiatrist…..

      • It’s all good..A little mania is better than not being able to get out of bed..That’s when I get the most

  2. I listen to this song when i’m sad! It’s great1

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