Posted by: Jack Hope | Tuesday June 26, 2012

Inspiration + Me Being Pedantic

Given that today is going to be a tough day to push through, I thought I would give myself a theme song for the day. It may sound silly but it can provide an audio touchstone for whatever goals you set for the day. So I’ve decided that I’m using ‘Shake it Out’ from Florence + The Machine, a recent find for me, that really expresses what I think a lot of people who experience Depressive Disorders and other mental health issues feel about it. Trying to shake off the devil on my back indeed.

Although the literalist in me (I let him out a parties, lots of fun that way) means that I have to make sure to point that technically it’s never darkest before dawn, it’s actually almost always getting slowly but steadily brighter before dawn. The darkest time of night is almost always the part when the moon is not visible.

Hooray for being pedantic!


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