Posted by: Jack Hope | Wednesday June 27, 2012

Hooray For Small Victories

Well, I thought I would take some time at the end of the day to report back on how I did.  I am pleased to report that I accomplished 6.5 out of the 7 items on my list. Despite my generally lousy disposition over the last two days, I do feel pretty good about what I was able to do.  I am making a list for tomorrow and I can say that I think my mood will be experiencing some improvement soon, as I’m already feeling a bit of a lift.

Some highlights from today:

  • I accomplished every task completely except for packing two boxes. As you may be aware from my previous posts I have been purging some of the items in storage and this was part of that process. However, I’m now at a stage where it’s no longer packing up books or large items but sorting through left over paperwork and other odds and ends, a much more painstaking job. Hence the 6.5/7.
  • This is also a good reminder to myself that when making a list, it’s important that the items on it are clearly measurable objectives and that are relevant to the work that you are setting out to do. A better task to substitute would have been to sort the items in one box, organize them and then dispose of what’s not needed.
  • During my sorting and organizing I came across some interesting items, some of which I may actually be able to use on this blog. More will come on this soon.
  • The somewhat more mentally demanding work of sorting through paperwork and other odds and ends actually did help to distract me from some of my less than pleasant thoughts. It didn’t make them go away or really improve my mood much, but it did help me ignore it a bit.
  • I’m also mention that my day was broken up a fair bit by, among other things, an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, some interesting reading on Freakonomics and distracting myself and Samwise with a light up yo-yo.  Not exactly a beacon of productivity, but productivity isn’t the point. The point is that I didn’t just waste away watching Space Channel in pajamas and I have some progress to show for the day, even if its small progress.
  • I’m feeling rather tired after all of this but the goal I set out to achieve was met and I can definitely call this day a win by any measure.


  1. hooray for you!

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