Posted by: Jack Hope | Sunday July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day

Happy Birthday Canada!  For all my international readers who may not be aware, the first of July is Canada Day, and this year is the 145th year of Confederation, when four disparate British Colonies were united into one new country as part of the British Empire.

Some interesting facts about Canada:

  • Canada is the second largest country in the world by land mass and the world’s 35th largest by population, with a population of just under 35 million people.
  • Canada and the United States share the world’s longest single international boundary between two countries. It is also the longest undefended border in the world.  Canada and the United States also share
  • Canada has the longest coast line in the world, at approximately 244,000km.
  • Canada has one of the highest rates of immigration in the world, accepting roughly 250,000 new immigrants per year.  Approximately 1 in 5 of all Canadians are born abroad.  It is expected that by 2040, 1 out of every 4 Canadians will have been born outside of Canada.
  • Canadians (for reasons as yet unknown) consume more Macaroni and Cheese then any other nation on Earth.
  • Approximately 8% of adult Canadians experience an episode of major depression in their lives.

That last one, hopefully, is going to change some day.

I myself am hoping to spend today with some friends, relaxing and trying to be social as I enjoy this long weekend.  So wherever you are, I hope you enjoy and have yourself a Happy Canada Day.



  1. Thanks for posting this! I didn’t know we ate more macaroni and cheese! I haven’t had any in awhile.

  2. Happy Canada day to you. I went to see some fireworks last night and thought of this post. I took a bunch of pics and will more of them. I put 2 decent ones on my post I just did. Hope they uploaded. 🙂

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