Posted by: Jack Hope | Monday July 9, 2012

The Power of One Little Thing

When I am feeling healthy, it can be amazing the things that I can accomplish. Being able to be focused and productive is to me, one of the surest signs that I am not experiencing Depression. I try to use this time, not only to get things done but also to build on the habits that I feel can help me manage or reduce my next episode.

Or maybe (when I’m feeling very optimistic) help me avoid an episode.

This has been very helpful for me, both in establishing new habits that have made my own life a great deal more manageable. There has been something of a small downside in that it actually made it harder to spot that I was sliding into another relapse. While this is obviously a major frustration for me, I also consider it a lesson well and truly learned. I am hopefully even better equipped to spot a potential episode in the future.

The gains have ultimately far outweighed the losses on this front.

Anyone who has experienced mental illness that manifests itself as or is in part a Depressive Disorder knows just how draining and how tiring the experience can be. Depressive Disorders feel like they sap your strength completely from you, leaving you all but paralyzed in trying to cope with your ordinary life.

When you’re experiencing that much paralysis in your life, personal entropy is going to rapidly and completely overwhelm a person. That’s what happens to me, leaving me living under less than ideal conditions.

Personal Entropy?

Entropy is the scientific concept that can be most simply expressed as the trend towards disorder in the universe. Sooner or later, everything comes apart, everything decays, everything finally crumbles down into nothing. This is a universal constant in the Universe and it is also a constant in our lives. Everyone who’s ever done a load of laundry or watched dishes pile up in a sink can attest to this trend towards disorder in the Universe.

You can Google the terms Personal Entropy (which, FYI just seemed like a logical construction when I started typing this post and had never looked up before) and find lots of people have had a wide range on thought on this subject.

For me, Personal Entropy comes down to this: the trend in the universe for my personal spaces to become messy, dirty and disorganized.

The great thing about this is that as human beings we have the capacity to fight back against entropy, both the personal variety and in some small ways against the Universe’s entropy.

Every Day One Small Push

So now, every day, I try to make sure that no matter how bad I am feeling, no matter how down in the depths of an episode I get, that I do at least one thing.

It can be as simple as putting a dish in the dishwasher.

No matter how bad it gets, doing that one little thing can keep it from getting just that little bit worse. It can be the basis on which to re-build a path to recovery. It can keep you from sliding backwards. One small thing can tip the balance towards one that is progressing back towards health.

Every little bit counts, both to combating the Depressive episode, Personal Entropy, or even the universe’s overall entropy. Moving forward, even one tiny centimetre, is the most important thing in the world.

In the words of one of the classic masters: “It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.” -Confucius



  1. One little thing, one baby step is a huge stride in the darkness of depression.
    Love this post. Thank you
    Lee 😀

    • Thank you and welcome to Beyond Depression. I hope you continue to find my posts useful and/or interesting.

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