Posted by: Jack Hope | Friday July 13, 2012

Happy Friday

When you’re battling a mental illness and off work on disability, the days tend to run together and often look so very much the same. A Friday doesn’t really seem all that different from a Monday, except for the fact that some of the programs on television are a bit different. In some ways, it’s kind of nice, time being a little more of a stream rather than a series of distinct components.

But as it wears on, it also wears down. I miss working. I miss my life, which I really only am able to enjoy a fraction of right now. My storms of change still seem to be mostly sitting on the horizon, crackling with more energy but still stubbornly far off.

So, for this Friday’s inspirational song I’m posting this silly bit of high energy nonsense from the Canadian group These Kids Wear Crowns. Frankly, I need a jump start.

Oh, and since it’s my blog and therefore I can do what I like with it, here’s a gratuitous cat picture:


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