Posted by: Jack Hope | Friday July 20, 2012

And Now For Something Slightly Different

As has become my custom, this Friday I have another sampling of my music preferences, this time in the form of British singer-songwriter David Gray’s ‘Please Forgive Me’ a song that I discovered via the movie All Over the Guy which led to me becoming a fan of Mr Gray. His music often hits the exact notes of my own emotional state, although more frequently when it’s on the downside. His hit ‘Babylon’ though always gives me a lift.

‘Please Forgive Me’ doesn’t exactly fall into the inspiration category, at least not when it comes to battling Depression. But nonetheless, I thought I would share it with you since it does hit on something that has been a recurring theme for me of late. Let me know if you spot it!

Hint: I’m not in love or in any way seeking a relationship at this time, so it’s not that bit.



  1. “Throw a stone and watch the ripples flow” 🙂

    • Ding ding, we have a winner!

  2. Love David Gray. 🙂

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