Posted by: Jack Hope | Tuesday July 24, 2012

Re-Engaging With Facebook

Well, it’s been a long separation but I’ve decided to start using Facebook again.

For those unaware, in my split with Peter he got custody of Facebook and I got the townhouse. Personally, I think he came off better in that deal than I did.

I’m not opposed to social media or even to Facebook on general principle, but I have to admit, going through a break up that played out in part via social media I have felt more than a little burned. My recent experiences though with Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ has convinced me that there more pluses to minuses with social media.

I’ll be a little more cautious in how I use Facebook this time around and a lot more aware of what I’m doing with it.

But what do you say Facebook, why don’t we kiss and make up?

By the way, if you’re interested in supporting Facebook and I starting up our relationship again, you can find (and friend me) at


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