Posted by: Jack Hope | Wednesday July 25, 2012

Running Against Depression 2: No Regrets

I’m now into my second week of my running program and surprisingly, I have been sticking with it. In part, I am certain that I decided to publicly share what I’m doing with my Internet community has helped me even though some days I feel like running is the last thing I want to do.

I can honestly say that I have so far, not once, regretted going for one of the runs, no matter how tired or sore I’ve felt afterwards.

And the more I do it, the harder it becomes to picture myself regretting it. But the truth is, almost all of the regrets I’ve had in my life have been over things that I haven’t done. Sure, I’ve done things that I regretted, times I’ve been hurtful or foolish, but the things that I skipped out on are the things that really haunt me.

So in that spirit, I have been continuing to make circuits around the soccer field of the local elementary school.

Each run has been getting progressively longer, either the segments of running (which are separated by 1 minute of walking) are longer or there are more segments. In each case, every run is made up of slightly more running and a little less walking. I’m looking forward to when I can run for a consistent period of time.

Even though I have access to a treadmill (my parents have one in the basement) I’ve been avoiding using it unless the weather is unpleasant, and even then, I’ve pretty much stuck to the field as getting outdoors has been a big part of this for me. The fresh air and sunshine has been one of the important additional benefits of doing this.

The truth is, even now, it can be hard to get myself out of the house. I have lots of projects and things to do, stuff that helps me stay busy and before I know it, an entire day can go by all too easily without me having stepped outside.

It’s a good thing that I stay busy but it’s also a good thing if I get outdoors too.

Each run is getting progressively more difficult and yet, paradoxically, I feel even more motivated to take it on, even to push beyond what the program recommends for a given segment. Sometimes it’s been as much as doing an extra 3 minute segment. Sometimes it’s as little pushing an extra 30 seconds longer at the end of the session.

But it feels good to do it. I feel stronger for doing it, and I’m barely started this as an activity in my life.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!



  1. I like the image with your quote in it.

    Kudos to you Jack! Please keep us posted… maybe I will come up with a cheer when you are able to run your whole circuit–though I never was a cheerleader 😉

    • Thanks 🙂

      Actually a little bit of a funny story, when I found this image I liked it right away but something about it kept bugging me and bugging me. So I finally went back to the stock image site and looked it up. It’s actually some place I have been to once, a place called Margit Island in the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary.

  2. Way to go, Jack! Keep it up!

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