Posted by: Jack Hope | Friday July 27, 2012



Well it’s that time again and the start of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games! I have been incredibly lucky to live in two Olympic Cities (both for the Winter games), Calgary and Vancouver. Even though I was a small child I during the 1988 Winter Olympics I can still remember the energy and feel of the city as the world descended upon my hometown. And the absolutely amazing energy of Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Truly, both times they were once in a lifetime experiences, each special and unique and I hope that Londoners are able to embrace their upcoming Olympics the way Calgarians and Vancouverites were able to embrace our Olympics.

So in the spirit of supporting the Olympics, this week’s inspiration is the Official Theme (French Version) of the 2010 Winter Olympics as performed by Annie Villeneuve. While I also liked the English Version, the French Version speaks to me more (despite my own atrocious French language skills) and I find Ms. Villeneuve’s voice to be incredibly uplifting and inspiring. As well, the lyrics are (so I’m told) not nearly as grammatically challenged as the English Version’s.

Good luck to all the Olympic Athletes!

Go Team Canada!


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