Posted by: Jack Hope | Saturday July 28, 2012

Update: I Think the Storms Are Here

Kitchen Status: Everything’s Ready to Go

More than a month ago, one of the letters that I wrote was entitled ‘Storms on the Horizon’, referring to the feelings that I had been having that change was a foot, that soon things would start to shift dramatically. There was also, at the time, a sense that it was coming but still far off.

I think those storms have arrived now, at the very least, the metaphorical winds have picked up and the rain is starting to sprinkle down.

Given how much has happened and given that it portends even more for the future, here’s a quick recap going back a couple of weeks now:

  • I received a wedding invitation from my friend Angela, who’s marrying her fiance in September. Only downside, the wedding is in Germany. Therefore, I am unable to attend, given my current circumstances.
  • Despite my current circumstances and with no logical path to actually accomplish this goal, I decide that I am going to try to find a way to go, even though such a decision does not really make a lot of sense. I start with $10 in a jar.
  • A fellow blogger was kind enough to pass to me an inspiration award, which really struck me as a fantastic reminder of our inter-connectedness, right when I need it the most. I made sure to pass it along to the fantastic blog.
  • I decided start a three week program to train to run for 30 consecutive minutes. Every day I receive an e-mail (the e-mail compels me!) with training instructions. I start off slow, but over time, I’m pushing myself more and more physically.
  • Alberta Health Services (or rather certain members of its staff) are able to come through for me and provide me with a referral to a psychiatrist, still a bit ahead of the minimum 4 month wait I was originally told I would face, and nowhere near as bad 9 months to  a year that I could have been on.
  • I’m finally able to sort out some of the ongoing issues I’d been having with my benefits. Without going into details, the conclusion that’s reached is satisfactory to all and should enable me to pursue recovery much more rapidly.
  • I decide to re-engage on Facebook, after a long separation from the social networking site.
  • A conversation about mental illness and the other health problems associated with it, reminds me strongly of my Uncle who passed away over 3 years ago. Some serious thinking about how to honour his memory ensues, with results hopefully soon to come.
  • Through a variety of means, most of them completely unexpected and surprising, it appears that I will be able to attend my friend Angela’s wedding. I am happily able to notify her of my intention to do so.

So as you can, see quite a bit has happened over these last few weeks and it’s all starting to add up to some serious momentum in my life again. Momentum in the right direction. I’m not sure where it’s all taking me yet and I know I’m going to experience a lot more change before it’s all said and done, but right now, I just can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Have a great weekend!


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