Posted by: Jack Hope | Tuesday July 31, 2012

Fighting Back Against A Bad Day 2: Today is Mine

This isn’t the day for this. Of all the days, today is the last day where to have wake up and be facing a bad one.

Yesterday was a rough one, it happens and it didn’t start out that way, just kind of evolved in that direction. That’s life. But today… I woke up with that feeling, that drained, mentally slumped feeling, which quickly gives way to a feeling of dread. Today could be a very bad day.

I suppose after my string of good news, and it’s been an amazing string, one of the best I’ve had in a long time. It was inevitable that it would come to an end.

But not today.

I’m fighting back against this bad day and I’m not just fighting to hold my ground or keep from backsliding. I’m taking back my day and I’m making it mine and making it a good day.

I know that bad days will come and I can’t stop every one in my life. I know that I also have to learn to roll with the punches, to deal with bad days, whether they come from inside me or from the world outside. I know that sometimes you just can’t fight the tide and that it’s a waste of energy to do so.

But not today.

Every once in a long while, a bad day comes when you can’t have it. A day when coping and managing and making it to bed knowing that you did alright just isn’t going to cut it.

Every once in a while, there comes a day where you just can’t tolerate it being a bad one.

So I’m fighting back against my day today.

And I’m not just fighting to make sure I’m still productive, that I make it to bed tonight to bed thinking I made the best of bad circumstance, that I muddled  through.

I’m taking back my day. Today is going to be a good day. Sometimes you just have to roll the hard six, and I’m having a hard time even finding my dice today!

Bad days are a part of life sometimes.

But not today.


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