Posted by: Jack Hope | Thursday August 2, 2012

Running Against Depression 3: Next Steps

So I’m following up ‘Exercise: It Just Didn’t Work’ with a post about exercise and how it’s helping me and what I plan to do next with it.

Well, in case ‘Exercise: It Just Didn’t Work’ wasn’t clear on it: exercise does benefit me and I do think that running is helping me in my Depression fight. But if I was just running and not taking my medication? I doubt I’d be able to pull myself up enough to actually run anywhere.

To use a military metaphor, the antidepressants are the heavy artillery that softens up the Depression so that exercise and diet (the foot soldiers) can go in and finish the job.

With that in mind, I’m now in my third week of running. And still really enjoying it.

Even though its gotten a lot harder. And it’s going to get harder still.

Still, I’m coming up on the conclusion of this program and it’s time for me to start looking forward to what’s next with this. And I think what’s next is training for a 5K run. There’s an 8 week program also available from that seems to be just the thing to do as my next step.

I am a big believer in small goals, focused goals rather than big overarching targets. Completing a three-week program is much easier than deciding that I’m going to learn to run 10K! Keeping focused on nearby, attainable goals is a great way to build up to bigger and better things. Small goals can add up to big things.

With all of that in mind though, I’ve decided I’m going to set myself a goal that’s a little broader. That goal is to participate in Vancouver’s Sun Run next April. The Sun Run is an annual tradition in Vancouver and it would be an amazing thing for me to do. It’s 10 km and far enough away that I think I can train up to be able to run it. I’m not going to set myself any other goals or targets related to it yet, it’s too far off to think about beyond a general desire to participate in next year’s event.

That would be something for me, to run in the Sun Run, something pretty amazing. Let’s find out if I can!



  1. I’m totally with you on small goals. And I look forward to hearing about your journey toward the Sun Run. I think running a 5km is pretty amazing.

  2. I give myself small goals and it makes me feel a lot better and makes it easier to take on the bigger goals I want/need to set for myself!

    Good luck!

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