Posted by: Jack Hope | Sunday August 19, 2012

Update: The Dog Days of Summer

Well it’s the dog days of August now and it does seem as though the tempo of the world has changed, everything seems to have slowed down a bit, at least in my corner of it. It seems to have become hard to sit at the computer when going outside, even if just to read a book, seems so much more palatable. I’m starting to fall a bit behind on my posts and correspondence, so I hope everyone will bear with me.

Still despite that I wanted to make sure to share a few notes (and share this video, from American rapper/singer of thanks for some recent shout outs for me.

In particular I want to thank Amy Sprague for her recommending my short story Lost in her recent post on Write into The Light. Write into the Light is a fantastic blog on the subject of mental illness, and Amy’s recent post ‘How Long Does it Take to Go Crazy?’ is another superb contribution to that blog.

My second thanks goes out to The World of Mentalists which included an excerpt from my recent Running Against Depression post. It’s provided me with some much-needed renewed motivation to do what I’m doing, and I’m very grateful for that. They’re also definitely worth checking out as they have some great material.

Hope you’re all having a great summer.



  1. I really like this song, it has grown on me:) I can’t imagine a world without music expression,thank goodness we don’t have to! I find it hard to get motivation to do things some days,so am starting to write a list of things I like to do when I have higher energy levels and when I have lower energy levels.I am learning to ride with the moods ,and listen to my body when it can’t manage the outside world.reading blogs like yours also seems to help.It is comforting to know you are not alone with this battle….all the best for the rest of your summer:)

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