Posted by: Jack Hope | Friday August 24, 2012

Update: Days to Go

Despite being the Dog Days of Summer and the definite lull that has fallen this last week and a half, the storms of change are still coming in from the horizon and more and more is starting to happen with my life. There’s a definite feeling of being in the ‘downhill run’ phase as several things come towards completion in the near future and new projects and plans begin.

In keeping with the entirely accidental first ever ‘theme week’ at Beyond Depression, I’ve chosen this week’s addition to the Fight Depression Playlist to be Heather Small’s ‘Proud’ made most famous by the American/Canadian re-make of the original British television show ‘Queer as Folk.’ It’s main question: ‘What have you done today to make you feel proud?’ is one that I often think about (particularly when running, which is why it’s in every running playlist I have) and in a week where personal accountability has been the theme, I couldn’t think of a better song.

This weeks’ notable items worth mentioning include:

  • Beyond Depression now has received over 200 ‘Likes’ from fellow bloggers. Thank you all, especially those of you who frequently hit like!
  • My running program now appears to be back on track. It’s still early days, but my confidence that I can complete this 8 week program has returned.
  • Perhaps you recall my $10 in a Jar? It’s managed to morph itself into about 200 € and not because the Euro’s collapsed either! I’ll actually have a bit of spending money on this venture.
  • The last of my things left in storage have been sorted and the items that I am keeping have been put back into storage, ready to move with me when I finally do return to Vancouver. The recycling has been recycled and the garbage disposed of.
  • I’ve also purchased a domain and begun some planning for the project I’ve been putting together for my Uncle. Not a lot to share still at this stage, although I have enlisted one friend so far to aid in its development. My intention is to really get it moving forward after my return from Germany.

As of today it is only four days until my first consultation with a psychiatrist here in Alberta and hopefully the resumption of regular psychiatric appointments.

As of today it is 19 days to my departure to Hamburg. Change is definitely afoot.


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