Posted by: Jack Hope | Tuesday August 28, 2012

Today Is D-Day

Well, here we are: Doctor-Day. My first time seeing a psychiatrist in almost half a year, due to the interminably long waiting lists here in Alberta for ‘non-urgent’ psychiatric care.

I’m more than a little nervous, which is silly. I feel a bit like a kid about to go to Confession and tell the priest that its been more than a year since my last Confession. Ironically, I haven’t been to Confession in over a decade.

But it’s a silly feeling to have, especially because it’s not my fault that I haven’t been able to see a psychiatrist in such a long time. I’m not being judged, nor should I be. Still, it’s a little nerve-wracking, especially since there is pressure to establish a working relationship with this Doctor.

After all, if I don’t think I can work with him, it’s back to the bottom of the queue.

Wish me luck.



  1. Lots of luck. Hope you get a good one right off the bat 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your constant support! It went well and I’ll be writing about it in the next few days.

  2. Glad it went well. I was wondering how nervous the doctor was. In sum, we, the patients are obligated to be open and honest, but the doctor is obligated to HELP. I’d be nervous if I were the doctor.

    • Thanks for the comment. And that is a really good point. I’ve never considered it at all from that point of view, how nervous the Doctor was or wasn’t.

  3. Good that it went well. I had to wait quite a while to see a psychiatrist here in Quebec, too. And then I only saw her for a few months, just long enough to get my medications on track. Now I am back to seeing my family doctor. Thank goodness for my psychologist. She is the one who has really been treating me.

    • It’s interesting how the different provinces tackle these issues and how money isn’t the only determinant factor. Or at least the province’s access to money.

      One thing is certain, the health care systems across the country really need to step up their game in addressing mental health issues. Would be nice if we had some Federal leadership on the issue.

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