Posted by: Jack Hope | Wednesday August 29, 2012

Running Against Depression – Update: Now Doctor Approved!

Welcome to my first update on my Running Against Depression. Since this is an update, I decided I’d also share a video of a song from my running playlist. In this case, the song is ‘Moves’ by The New Pornographers, an indie rock band from Vancouver, BC. This particular song had some prominence for a while in car commercials (that I haven’t seen for quite some time) that ran last year. As well, for any who get excited at the ‘Expectant Dads’ trailer at the beginning of the video, I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath in anticipation.

So, here’s what I can happily report from Week 2 of my current program:

  • I’m more or less on schedule for doing the actual runs, which are getting a little harder and a little more satisfying every time. I’m not only back to running after my recent stumble, but I’m happily back to pushing myself a bit with each run, which makes it a lot more satisfying. Now if only that would translate into enjoyment.
  • Still need to work on and make sure that I make cross-training a priority. I find that’s been the one part of the schedule where I’m stumbling. However, the cross-training is not only important to the running program but also to my overall health.
  • Literally minutes before sitting down to write this update, I discovered the iPhone app RunKeeper. I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow and get some good information on my runs. More to come on this, I’m sure.
  • I’m also working on creating a new page here on Beyond Depression, tracking my running and my writings about it. I hope to have that up and running in the next few days.
  • Yesterday was my first consultation with a psychiatrist here in Calgary. My thoughts on this will be forthcoming soon, however, I’m very pleased with how the appointment went and that he very enthusiastically approved of my running program.

Onwards, to week 3!


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