Posted by: Jack Hope | Wednesday September 5, 2012

Running Against Depression – Update 2: Sometimes I Surprise Myself

Most Canadians my age will remember this song from the end credits to the cartoon The Raccoons which ran on the CBC during the eighties and even into the early nineties in re-runs. According to some of my friends who have children it’s quite popular with the current crop of young ones too.

It also featured this rather unusual choice for a cartoon theme song. It found it’s way onto my iPod a number of years ago and has stuck with me ever since, recently joining (appropriately enough) my running playlist.

Well, here’s how Week 3 went:

  • First off, some great news. I started using the RunKeeper app on my iPhone to track my runs. I was very pleased to discover that I am already covering 5K during my runs. Now, I’m still doing intervals, so I have a ways to go and have lots of room to improve my performance, but this has been very encouraging boost. I was quite surprised to get that result and it’s motivating me to carry on.
  • Adding to that, you may have recently noticed the ‘Running Against Depression’ button that’s popped up on the left side of my blog. It leads to the Running Against Depression Page in which I am collecting all of my postings and information links about running and mental health. I’m also maintaining some interesting information there, such as a running log, and links to my RunKeeper profile.
  • I had my first run following the start of my new medication as well this past week. What crops that I should have remembered? The only side-effect of note that I’ve ever had from a medication, dry mouth. Edited to add: Mr Frobisher, the ostrich that bunks with me, reminded me that I did also have psychotic side-effects from some of the first anti-depressants I took. I am going to have to make sure I’m well hydrated before I go out for runs.
  • Also, there was someone else doing the same laps around the field that I use on my Tuesday run. That was a bit of a first, usually its just me out there. It’s not a formal running track, rather a common field for two elementary schools (one Catholic, one Public) and there’s two soccer fields with two baseball diamonds attached. I’ve seen lots of other users, but no one else making the same run before.
  • Come Wednesday of next week, I’ll be in Germany, but I’ll still be continuing to post. That will be an interesting experience I think, in the past some of the best times I’ve had traveling have just been walking around in the ordinary neighbourhoods of wherever I am. Should be fun!

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