Posted by: Jack Hope | Friday September 7, 2012

Update: Today is the Day

A lot has happened over the last couple of days and a lot of it is good news to report. Lots more to come on everything shared here today I am quite sure.

  • First the annoying bit: I started taking the new medication prescribed by Doctor Z this week. As advertised I’ve been feeling drowsy and low energy. Not sure if I should have waited until after my trip or not to start taking it, but it’s too late now. Just going to have to manage it and hope it gets better as I go.
  • I talked to my friend Julie (notably mentioned in ‘Time for Some Changes’ and ‘Thursday February 20, 2001’) and I can’t tell you how good it was to talk to her. The overwhelming sense of relief. I was scared at first, but it felt so good to re-connect. I’ll admit to being a little worn out of sharing my story again and again, but it was absolutely worth it.
  • Which leads up to today. And the phone call that’s sitting, blinking on my phone, with the caller ID showing a number that I’d recognize anytime. Today is the day. I didn’t expect it all to happen quite so fast but it’s here and with the possibility of a positive outcome a lot higher than I might have hoped for, from what Julie has told me. Lots more to come, assuming I can stay awake for all of it!


  1. Good luck, hope its who I think it may be.. 🙂

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