Posted by: Jack Hope | Wednesday September 12, 2012

The Reunion That Wasn’t

So I have been wracking my brain all day trying to figure this one out. Trying to find some meaning or lesson in this. There have been some sharp realizations but somehow that isn’t as satisfying. Or cathartic.

No, no grand lesson here. Nothing. It just sucks.

There were some phone calls and I did talk with Terry a bit. But at the last minute the actual reunion was cancelled on what seemed like a spurious reason. And now it just hurts.

There are no story book endings in real life. And this isn’t even an ending (at least not yet) just a blow to my precise emotional climate control. Julie called to check up on me last night. I really appreciated it. Let me vent a little.

So the saga shall continue a while yet. I have Germany to look forward to and the prospect of a fantastic new adventure.

Terry will be or won’t be there when I get back. It is beyond my control now.



  1. Well some contact is better than none. Keep your chin up and enjoy your trip. Be proud of yourself for even going in the first place. Hopefully you will come back to some good news. If not, then chalk it up to ‘wasn’t meant to happen right now, maybe next time’

    • Thanks, as always, for the support. There was a lot of pain when I wrote this and I had a lot of other things going through my head that I probably would have felt bad putting in the blogosphere the next day. The pain was valid but momentary and the moment’s past. On to what’s next.

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