Posted by: Jack Hope | Wednesday September 19, 2012

Best. Wedding. Ever.

Well, at last my first post from Germany, specifically the village of Filsum in Ost (East) Friesland, which is on the western edge of the country on the border with the Netherlands. I am sorry for the delay in posting any reports from Germany but the combination of wedding business (and what a business it is!) along with jet lag, spotty Internet access and other touring has conspired to keep me from writing much for the blog. The lesson, if I intend to do something like this in the future and provide regular blog updates, I need to a. bring my own computer and b. ensure that I make the time to actually sit down and write.

Bringing my own computer, sadly, would add a great deal to my carry-ons but it seems that it is an unfortunate necessity of blogging. Which is too bad as I rather enjoyed just bringing my iPhone.

Still I have been having what I can only describe as an amazing time and I will, with luck, be providing a more complete re-telling of my German Excursion in the near future. Still, here are the important highlights:

  • The wedding went off spectacularly, with a beautiful ceremony in the village Church, which is over 750 years old. The ceremony was highlighted by the number of hymns sung by the attendees, which were beautiful even if I couldn’t understand a word of them.
  • The actual reception itself was held in the town of Oldenburg, not too far away from the village of Filsum (which is Angela’s husband’s home village) and it was an absolute blast. Not simply because the alcohol flowed freely, but also because the Germans people (particularly in this region) are a lot of fun. It took a while for some to start chatting with me, but before I knew it I had constant company in the form of various cousins and other relations testing their English skills with me. We partied until 4:00am and that was an early end for a wedding. I got a little bit intoxicated (more than I should have with my meds) but the entire day was well worth it.
  • Afterwards we took it easy and relaxed, with the excellent hosting of the groom’s family. The entire event involved much of the village and I was given the five-star treatment for coming from so far away. I wish more of my friends had been able to make it, as they really missed out.
  • We were able to do some touring over the next couple of days, visiting the City of Leer, as well as a few towns and villages. It was a good opportunity to get introduced to the unique culture of Ost Friesland which is a bit different from the rest of Germany.
  • Today we visited the island of Nordeney on the North Sea, which was very interesting. It was cold and a rainy but also beautiful in a stark sort of way and it was a very fascinating place to visit.

I have to admit I have found the jet-lag on this trip to be particularly harsh, likely because of the new medication I started recently. Lesson learned, don’t start a new medication that may make you drowsy a week before flying half way around the world!



  1. So proud of you Jack. Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear more.

    I’ve been MIA from your blog for awhile–I like the changes.


    • Thanks Trish! I’m hoping to roll out a few more as I learn more about what I can do with Word Press.

      Always good to hear from you!

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