Posted by: Jack Hope | Monday September 24, 2012

In the Absence of Content….

Well, after two days of fighting to normalize myself again and get over my jet lag (in reverse) today I am finally getting back to tackling my life and everything that’s going on it. So this is just a quick update before I hopefully resume my regular posting routine.

So just a couple of quick notes here:

  • I have a mountain of correspondence that I am behind on. If you happen to be one of those awaiting a response from me I hope you’ll bear with me while I work through my backlog. I also have a smaller mountain of laundry that I’m trying to attend to!
  • A report on my German Excursion will be forthcoming very shortly here. I’m going through the pictures right now as well. Good news, Angela agreed that I can post pictures of her and her husband (let’s call him ‘Frederick’) on the blog!
  • Also getting back to running and my thoughts on that will be forthcoming soon.

So, in the absence of any content to share with you beyond this, I present some cute cat pictures to tide you over for another day or so…

Cats Sleep Where They Want

Sleeping on a Credenza

Yes? May I help you?

Example of a Traditional Cat Centre Piece



  1. Cute cat

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