Posted by: Jack Hope | Tuesday November 6, 2012

An Apology

Before anything else is said, before anything else is done, I need to say this: 

I am sorry for my prolonged absence. I’m sorry for any worry or concern or fear among my online friends and community. 

This was something that I had thought was finally passed, these ‘drop out’ periods of retreat from social and community interaction, that bring consternation, fear and hurt to my friends and family (and now my virtual neighbourhood too) during my mental health battle.

There’s a lot more to come on this, a lot more in the way of explanation and of myself understanding what this means going forward for me. It’s also probably going to come in fits and starts for the next little while, so I hope those of you still hanging in with me will bear with me as I get the dropped pieces put back into the puzzle.

But for now, I want you to know that I’m sorry for the lack of communication and that I start moving forward again from this point of contrition.

There’s been a lot of people out there in Internet land that helped me get this far and you deserve better than for me to just drop off the face of the Earth. I hope over time I’ll be able to understand these ‘drop-outs’ and how to cope without withdrawing from the world.

For all the support, all the concern, all the patience that has been offered by so many of you, once again you have my never-ending thanks.



  1. Welcome back, Jack. I go through the same thing. I haven’t been on Twitter in months, though I do check Facebook semi-regularly. I have thought about starting a blog myself, but I know there will be long periods when I can’t contribute because of my depression.

    • Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it a lot. I had hoped stuff like this was past for me, but apparently not.

      I will say this: if you decide to do a blog, don’t forget that your number one audience, the target readership is yourself. I write this blog primarily because I need it. I need to order my thoughts and to understand what I have been going through. If anything, this episode has really reinforced that.

      The community support I’m also getting, again especially right now, also reinforces that and I think you’d find at least one follower (me) who’d be prepared to stick it out with you through a ‘drop-out.’

  2. Just glad you are back. Didn’t know what happened. You post so often and the all of a sudden, nothing..

    • Thanks so much and in particular, I do owe you an apology for this, as I know I gave you a scare.

      I actually very distinctly thought about you and that you must have been worried and I think they may have actually started shaking me loose this time.

      • Aww, thanks for giving me some credit for your return and thinking of me during your drop out. You don’t owe me any apologies though. Anytime you need to vent feel free to email me. I know how it is and you shouldn’t feel guilty. 🙂

  3. How wonderful to hear from you, Jack! We of all people totally understand your period of isolation. I guess I should only speak for myself, however.

    Isolation is part of the disease. No one need fault you for it, including yourself. That would be like getting mad at someone whose cancer returns after a period of remission. We would never do that. For me, it is the same with mental illness. It is not a matter of will-power.

    Take care of yourself, and most importantly be nice to yourself. Love and Light to you,

    • Thanks very much for the kind words and I appreciate the support and understanding. I agree with you completely on this being a part of the condition but I also do feel that it was important for me to express my genuine remorse, even if the circumstances were outside of my control.

      My virtual community means a lot to me and just as I had faith that I would find support when I felt able to re-engage, I also am sorry that I dropped out for a time, even if it wasn’t my fault.

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