Posted by: Jack Hope | Wednesday January 9, 2013

Running Against Depression 7: A New Plan

This week I’ve begun a new plan to get myself ready for the 10k run of the Vancouver Sun Run. As I stated back in September, my running goal (for now) is to compete in the 2013 Vancouver Sun Run, which starts at 9:00am PST on April 21st.

Despite my recent setbacks, this is still an attainable goal and I intend to go for it.

To accomplish this, I’ve again turned to the running plans that I’ve previously used from, picking a plan to train me for a 10 km run over the next eight weeks.

This where I got the plans that I’ve used to train up till now, the plans that have helped me to train to the point where I am now, able to run about 5km in a little over 30 minutes.

With this as my starting place, I believe that I can complete the Sun Run in a little under an hour, with diligent training.

Below is the schedule that I plan to follow:

As of this writing, I have completed the first two days (the Monday rest was a real challenge!) and I am going to be setting out for my cross training shortly.

I’ve included the km for each one for my own reference, although it’s handy that it’s in miles as my somewhat elderly treadmill only measures in miles.

It’s very exciting to have a plan in place and what I love about this is that I have a chart that I can now use to check off as I accomplish each item. This is an important thing for me in my recovery overall, as having lists like this provides a psychological reward, each time that I get to check off a completed item.

A few of these lists put together, well, that might become a road map for recovery.

You can check out my updated running page here: Running Against Depression


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