Posted by: Jack Hope | Wednesday January 16, 2013

Sun Run Training Week 2

race schedule jan-16 ver 2So in the last week of running I’ve managed to finish all of the sessions on schedule, including the cross training ones. I’ve been doing the cross-training at a local Calgary Rec Centre, which has been getting me out of the house as well.

It’s also forced me to start dealing with some social phobias I have still. Which is a good thing if I’m going to transition back to a semi-normal life.

I’ve decided to revise the schedule a bit as you can see. Here’s the previous one:

I made the changes because the rec centres are only open for limited times on Saturdays and Sundays and I don’t want to miss a scheduled day if I have an attack of nerves.

Keeping my cross-training to the weekdays will keep my options open.

Today’s Running Log:

Running Log Jan-15


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