Posted by: Jack Hope | Wednesday February 6, 2013

Back on Track (Sort of….)

So after some struggles and pitfalls I’m back on track for my training for the 2013 Vancouver Sun Run. I’m modifying my strategy a bit in how I’m going to tackle this training program.

Up until now I’ve been pushing myself to try to complete each of the running sessions as fast as possible, hoping to be able to do the run in under an hour.

This was the wrong way to approach the training.

The first and most important thing that I need to do is build up my endurance first, my ability to actually run the entire distance before I work on speed.

When I prioritize my goal on this one, my first and main goal is to complete the entire run. While I would very much like to complete the run in under an hour that is a decidedly secondary goal and one that may not be achievable this time around.

So going forward my times are probably going to be longer (as can already be seen) as I try to keep my focus on the really important part of this: actually participating.

After all, there is always next year to try for under an hour.



  1. Slow and steady always works 🙂

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