Posted by: Jack Hope | Wednesday February 27, 2013

Plodding Towards the Finish Line

Starting this week, I’m beginning to make runs that go up to 4 miles in length, approximately 2/3 of the 6 miles or 10 kilometres that I will be running for the Sun Run. Slowly but surely I’m inching towards being able to run the full length of the course.

In the process of learned a lot more about running distance and about how much to push myself (or not push myself) in order to maximize my results.

It’s been a struggle and it’s going to be a lot tougher still.

With a little less than 2 months to go though, I’m starting to feel some confidence that I will be able to complete the Sun Run, although probably not in under an hour.

Going forward though, I’m going to be scaling back my running against depression posts though. I’m not really able to come up with a lot of new/interesting material every week, so from now on, updates will be every second Wednesday (give or take).

Not too much further go now.



  1. Goal within reach!! Keep it up!! Good on you 🙂

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