Posted by: Jack Hope | Monday March 18, 2013

2013 Plan: Report from the Mood Trenches

Component: Support – Medical

The first post for this component can be found here: A Theory of Bipolar

My 30 Day Mood Chart as recorded by the Tracking Software on my iPhone.

My 30 Day Mood Chart as recorded by the Tracking Software on my iPhone.

Well one week ago today I had my first follow-up appointment with Doctor Z on how my new treatment is going, an enhanced lithium regime. According to the blood tests that were run, I have reached our first target amount of lithium in my blood stream.

And I also have numbers now too, the daily logging in of my mood which you can see above in the chart. This chart covers the preceding thirty days from today.

It’s generally quite spiky, although generally within a band on the top half of the chart.

There’s also the big dip, albeit one that I bounced out of fairly quickly which was a relief given that such dips before have usually led to periods of several weeks of low moods.

According to Doctor Z I’m now reaching the point where the medication (if our bipolar theory has validity) where I will start to see the effects. Hopefully, future versions of this chart will be a bit more even and fluctuations less pronounced.

If they aren’t, well then we’ll have to consider increasing the dosages or changing strategies. But the great thing now, is I have some real data to provide insight.

One change that I am going to make from here on in is to start a daily log. I’ve tried journals and diaries and the like before and I’ve never been good at them. But a basic log of the major events of each day would be very helpful.

It might help me to better understand what some of my triggers are and what situations or problems continue to recur with negative impacts on my mood.

I’m also attaching the PDF report for those whom might find it interesting. It covers from the start of this component on February 4 up till today. One interesting note: the overall trend line appears downward but for individual indicators it appears upwards.

I’m not quite sure what to make of that right now, but I hope to have a better idea when I next report in on this component in about 4 to 6 weeks.

View the PDF of the Mood Tracker Report Here.

The website for the mood tracker can be found here: T2 Mood Tracker


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