Posted by: Jack Hope | Thursday March 28, 2013

A Brief Break

Just a quick heads up to my followers and readers that posting is probably going to be sparse for the next one to two weeks. Don’t worry, everything is fine, especially health wise for a change.

Rather, I can happily say that I’m actually quite busy and on non-depression related matters. When I am back on, I hope to have reports on how I’m doing with the other components of my 2013 plan, as well as new components to start adding.

In the interim, I am still continuing to run and today was the first day that I could run outside which was a huge improvement over the treadmill. I was ready for the change and I’m going to be ready for the Sun Run in just under a month.

So back in a couple of weeks! Take good care of yourselves!



  1. Have fun. So glad you are enjoying yourself this season!

  2. glad to hear it’s a good break. you deserve it for a change. good luck with the run 🙂

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