Depression Resources

The following is a list of Depression Resources that I have gathered that you may find useful. Remember, Depression is a serious medical condition. I cannot strongly enough encourage anyone struggling with Depression to seek out help from competent medical professionals. If someone won’t listen to you, then don’t stop until you find someone who will.

This list is neither comprehensive nor complete. I intend to update and revise it as I find new resources. If you have a resource that you would like to recommend or you wish to report a broken link, please go to Contact Me.

Canadian Mental Health Association
Depression Hurts
National Alliance on Mental Health (United States)
Understanding Depression
Youth Suicide Prevention Website

Need help now? Find 24hour Crisis Lines anywhere in the world here: Befrienders Worldwide

Below are some additional useful links which may help you manage symptoms of Depression. I cannot stress enough, however, that Depression is a serious medical condition. The following links can help but please ensure you’re under the care of a competent medical Doctor in dealing with Depression.

HelpGuide: Dealing with Depression
HelpGuide: Bring Your Life into Balance
Food Choices to Help Manage Depression
Positive Thinking from HealthLinkBC

Not sure if you’re Depressed? Try this online tool provided by Healthlink BC.

Struggling with Mood Swings? You may want to read this article.


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