Mental Health Must Reads

A collection of useful posts and webpages for those on the front lines:

Mental Health First Aid Course (from Beauty From Pain Blog)

I’m Going to Stop Saying ‘Stigma’ (from Pride in Madness)

A Letter From Someone I Used to Be (from Mental Health Talk)

Courage Doesn’t Always Roar (from SimpLee Serene)

‘In Recovery’ versus  ‘Recovered’ (from Beauty From Pain Blog)

What It’s Like When You Can’t Pull Yourself Together (from More Than Disorganised)

CBC News | Health: Spanking may be linked to later mental disorders

Tell-Tale Signs of Chronic Stress and How to Get Back in Control of Your Life (Black Dog Tribe)

11 Things You Should Never Say to Someone With Depression (from Medical Billing & Coding Blog)

25 Years Early: The Possible Death Decree for the Seriously Mentally Ill (from candidaabrahamson)

Exercise: A True Ally Against Depression but also read my Exercise: It Just Didn’t Work

Loving Someone With Depression (from

Twitter Therapy for Depression

Is it Possible to Recover from Mental Illness?

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