Old Running Against Depression Page

What’s This All About?

In July of 2012, I took up running using training programs provided by about.com. I have since then written a series of posts and updates about my experiences with running and Clinical Depression. This page is to collect and track all of my writing on the subject of Running Against Depression and to maintain a log of my running activities. As part of my personal accountability to continue pursuing running, I am endeavouring to publish a new running post every Wednesday, as well as sent Tweets when I complete a running session. I have also recently begun using RunKeeper, which maintains a very useful social media component. Links can be found here connecting to what I am using and will be updated and maintained as I go forward. My current long-term goal is to participate in next Spring’s Sun Run in Vancouver, BC.

Why Running?

I took up running because it was a physical activity that was very simple to do. It required no special equipment and I already had everything that I needed (track shorts, shirt, shoes) to get started. The programs that I discovered on about.com were simple and straight forward. Running was an activity that I could do anywhere, with a reasonable degree of ease. It was not dependent on maintaining gym memberships or any other expensive memberships.

I can do it regardless of my future financial circumstances. Given the uncertainty that so many people with mental illness face when it comes to finances, this is not an insignificant consideration. As well, the need for physical activity to help combat my Clinical Depression was becoming brutally apparent.

Posts in the Running Against Depression series:

Running Against Depression: The Original Post
Running Against Depression 2: No Regrets
Running Against Depression 3: Next Steps
Running Against Depression 4: Clearing New Hurdles
Running Against Depression 5: Personal Accountability

Running Against Depression Update Posts:

2012.09.05 Sometimes I Surprise Myself
2012.08.29 Now Doctor Approved!

Training Programs:

3 Weeks to a 30-Minute Running Habit (from about.com)
5K Training for Beginner Runners (from about.com)


How to Start Running – The Absolute Beginners Guide (from about.com)
RunKeeper iPhone App
The Vancouver Sun Run

Social Media:

Twitter: #runagainstdepression
RunKeeper User Profile

Running Log:

5K Training for Beginner Runners

2012.09.08 First run from week 4, intervals are steadily getting longer and tougher.
Distance: 6.54K Time: 44:09 Location: Calgary, AB

2012.09.04 Third run from week 3, went well. Had another run making opposite laps.
Distance: 5.64K Time: 39.59 Location: Calgary, AB

2012.09.01 Second run from week 3, used treadmill due to weather.
Distance: 4.84K Time: 40.00 Location: Calgary, AB

2012.08.31 First run from week 3, a tough one but made it through.
Distance: 5.24K   Time: 35.14  Location: Calgary, AB


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