Running Against Depression

What’s This All About?

In July of 2012, I took up running using training programs provided by I have since then written a series of posts and updates about my experiences with running and Clinical Depression.

I’ve created this page to collate and track all my posting regarding my experiences running and how it’s helped provide me with goals and focus in my battle against Depression.

My Running Goal is to complete the 10k Vancouver Sun Run in under 60 minutes.

Why Running?

I took up running because it was a physical activity that was very simple to do. It required no special equipment and I already had everything that I needed (track shorts, shirt, shoes) to get started.

The programs that I discovered on were simple and straight forward. Running was an activity that I could do anywhere, with a reasonable degree of ease.

It was not dependent on maintaining gym memberships or any other expensive memberships.

I can do it regardless of my future financial circumstances. Given the uncertainty that so many people with mental illness face when it comes to finances, this is not an insignificant consideration. As well, the need for physical activity to help combat my Clinical Depression was becoming brutally apparent.

What about last Autumn?

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’re probably aware that I experienced a ‘drop-out’ a prolonged period of social withdrawal, which also affected my posting and maintaining my running. This withdrawal was aggravated by an atypical reaction to an anti-depressant I was taking.

During this time, I also didn’t maintain my planned accountability over the autumn of recording and tracking the running that I was doing. This disappoints me a lot but I could sit around and wallow in said disappointment or I can keep going.

Failure is only a failure if you quit. And I am not quitting.

The Plan: 8 Weeks to 10k

Running & Exercise Log:

Running Log Jan-12

Note: Times do not include warm up and cool down.
* Did not use heart rate monitor correctly this date

Running Against Depression Posts:

Running Against Depression: The Original Post
Major Running Posts

Training Programs:

3 Weeks to a 30-Minute Running Habit (from
5K Training for Beginner Runners (from
Beginner Runners 10k Training


How to Start Running – The Absolute Beginners Guide (from
RunKeeper iPhone App
The Vancouver Sun Run

Social Media:

Twitter: #runagainstdepression
RunKeeper User Profile

Page revised on January 9, 2013
The previous version of this page is available here.


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