Who is Terry?

We live in the age of the letter. The letters may be electronic, the prose may not be as precise, the grammar may be changing faster than we can keep up, but at no time in human history have more people ever communicated as frequently or as constantly with the written word as they do now.

Being a person of letter is an option open to all now.

This blog is being written largely in the form of a series of open letters to my best friend Terry.

Terry is a real person.  I am not using her real name although I believe if she stumbled upon this blog she would rather quickly recognize that it is written to her.

She is my best friend.  And for a number of reasons, many related to my depressive episode, we are no longer in contact and with no real prospect of being in contact again anytime soon.

As such, I am in part reaching out through my writings to her, in the hopes that one day we will be able to reconcile.

There are a few other people who seem to be getting regular or semi-regular mentions in this blog and I’d just like to include a brief guide to the dramatis personae of my life:

Peter: my ex-partner from a number of years back, whom like Terry, I have not had any contact with for quite sometime.

Andrew: my other best friend, who has been an absolute rock during my struggles. Andrew has been a friend since high school, now over half my life which I can’t believe sometimes.

Kevin: another very close friend who has been extremely supportive during my recent struggle.  Also a friend of very long-standing.

Charlotte: a close friend also from my high school days. Charlotte is one of the most unique people I know and I one of the most supportive in particular of my writing endeavours.

Julie: another friend whom I have lost contact with, whom I built a friendship with through a series of old-fashioned snail mail correspondence.

Angela: a good friend from Germany, who has recently invited me to attend her wedding. As of this writing, it appears that I am going to be able to attend.

Note: all names in this blog (except my own) have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike.



  1. I’m stirred to write two observations…

    You clearly loved (or still love) Terry very deeply. You can be proud of that.

    There are different forms of reconciliation. You may indeed be physically reconciled. But, if not, she will at least remain as a loving memory in your mind forever.

    Either way, yes, you *are* reaching out to her via this blog. I hope it helps your reconciliation.

  2. I so understand what it means to lose significant people in your life because of your disorder. I applaud you for reaching out and seeking reconciliation.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts both on your blog and here.

  3. I have a “Terry” too Jack…the way you’re using this blog is a good idea 🙂

    • Thanks, I just hope it helps me and those who come across it.

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